Hands-On vs Face to Face

Attention Hawaii members:

There is some discussion on the amta HUB* regarding state requirements regarding licensing requirements from state to state as it pertains to hands on classes vs online classes.
Currently I believe that Hawaii requires face to face hours however if you are transferring from another states there are different requirements to get licensed here in Hawaii.
There is something on the table that would require continuing education credits (CEs.)
What are your thoughts regarding the Value of CEs via face to face and online?
Living in Hawaii I do take a lot of online classes both through amta and NCBTMB classes.
I find the value for online academics to be cost effective. I also hold great value in hands on classes to be face to face and love the feedback from instructors.
What are your thoughts?

Roxanne “Kea” Young,


Amta HI Assembly of Delegate 
AOD Representative 
* The HUB is an online communications forum through National where all state chapter board members and assembly of delegates can discuss important matters in various subjects that affect our profession.