Class Recap: Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy for low back and pelvis

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy for low back and pelvis with Dr. Joe Muscolino DC.
Was held on March 2-3, 2019. Dr. Joe has taught the COMT-Neck last year when he
visited us and also provided a short session on Treating the Psoas at our 2018 Annual
Membership Meeting.
We had a really great group of massage therapists who have multi discipline practice
attend this two-day workshop. This workshop helped many of us in our critical thinking
to determine how to treat our clients with low back and pelvis conditions. Starting with
fundamental basics that can be applied to any part of the body in helping our clients
with their soft tissue dysfunction, we learned how to determine the complex conditions
that may be presented with a common injury.
Dr. Joe provided the anatomy background for the basis of determining how to deal with
sciatica, hypomobile SIJs, tight piriformis, hypercontracted Psoas and iliacus along with
synergistic muscles; then follow a protocol for a thorough treatment to alleviate low back
and pelvis pain and dysfunction.
Dr. Joe simplified and expounded on our current knowledge of basic contraction and
stretching of soft tissue. We also learned with manual therapy for joint mobilization to
achieve therapeutic effects.
Dr. Joe has published more than 32 books on anatomy, kinesiology, and manual
therapy. He has also created an online resource that is available to any of his students
to access a huge library of videos on techniques on his website.