AMTA® Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics is a summary statement of the standards by which massage therapists agree to conduct their practices and is a declaration of the general principles of acceptable, ethical, professional behavior.
About AMTA Hawaii Chapter
The Hawaii Chapter of AMTA comprises of members who live and work in Hawaii.  We have quarterly Board of Directors Meetings, Annual Membership Meetings, Quarterly Newsletters, Regular Email Bulletins, Educational Workshops and Community Events that you can participate in as a member.

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As a massage therapist, you have the incredible opportunity to imagine and reimagine your professional goals. As an AMTA member, you have the advantage of being a part of an organization that can help you take that first—or next—step in the profession.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor thinking of expanding into the health care environment, or you work in a spa while beginning to build your own business, the new AMTA Career Center has a wealth of print and online resources to guide you on your path.

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From what to expect in a spa environment to how to connect to the growing number of health care providers recommending massage therapy, you’ll find resources to keep you moving toward your professional goals.

So think big, follow your dreams and know that your professional association is here to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, for your practice.
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Board of Directors 2015-2016


President: Arlene Estrella

Arlene graduated from the Ann Arbor School of Massage Therapy in 1998.  Upon graduation she moved to Los Angeles, California and worked as a massage therapist in various locations such as a major spa, chiropractor office and private practice. During her time in California, Arlene served in various positions in the AMTA California Chapter. She started out as a volunteer in her local LA/South Bay Unit on the phone tree committee. After a few years she moved into the position of LA/South Bay Unit President holding that position for 4 years. Also Arlene has served as the Sergeant at Arms at their state convention for over 4 years. Upon moving to Hawaii in 2010 it only took her a year to volunteer on the AMTA Hawaii Chapter Board. While building her practice over the past few years she is also involved with the Rotary Club of Kapolei and served as Club President in 2013­-2014. Arlene is dedicated to serving her profession and educating the public that Massage Therapy is an adjunct modality to an individual’s health care regime.

Secretary: Cherie-Lyn T. Apuya

Treasurer: Anne Fritz

1st VP: J. Maka Valdez

2nd VP: Norman Arakawa

3rd VP: Jennifer Andreoni


House of Delegates: Olivia Nagashima

House of Delegates: Charlene Young

Alternatate Delegate: Roxanne Laakea Young

Alternatate Delegate: Barbara Anne Manni