Jumped 3 Rocks Over

by Nancy J Campbell, LMT.

I moved to Hilo from Kailua (O’ahu) in November. As many of you know, moving is stressful – especially when it’s over water. I just wanted to share that it’s so important to have a self-care practice in place for both yourself and your business. Having protocols and tools in an auto-pilot mode can help transition your practice during a move. (If any of you are planning on moving in the near future, hit me up for some helpful tips and tricks!)

Since most of my involvement with the chapter involves updating our FaceBook Page, Website, and other digital processes, I am still able to volunteer my time from Hilo. I also want to plan a networking meeting with therapists on Big Island as well as teach my Nationally approved Ethics Class (with a business class in the works) – are you interested? Email me at campbell5140@gmail.com

It’s a new year. It’s time to regroup, de-clutter and prepare for the next adventures in our practices. What adventures do you have in store for 2019? How are you moving your practice forward? Post them on the FaceBook page or Group, and share so we can support you!