Report From the President!

Aloha Hawaii Members,
There are so many things going on around us that it sometimes takes an effort to slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet. I hope you all can appreciate that. I want to extend a prayer and our heart to our members that are affected by the lava flow on the island of Hawaii.

We recently returned from the 2018 AMTA Convention held in our nation’s capital city, Washington DC.  So far, this past Convention had the largest number of attendees topping 2000+ members. There were a handful of Hawaii members that attended, a few of them for the first time!  It was great to meet and connect with each one of them to see how they were doing and they were loving it! The convention was filled with continuing education classes, vendor exhibits and lots of new connections with LMTs across the nation and a very inspirational speech by Bert Jacobs.   He shared with us the power of optimism through their ‘Life is Good’ brand from their humble beginnings of selling t-shirts.  Also, an opportunity to visit the national monuments that many of us only saw in pictures through grade school.  Conventions are a good introduction to new modalities, refresh skills and network. I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.  The 2019 AMTA Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 24-26. I hope many of you can make it.

As a Chapter, we are working to get more information to all of our members. I hope you are all receiving our email blasts on events and continuing education classes through Constant Contact.  We also have a Facebook page and welcome your comments. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ AMTA Hawaii Chapter the next time you are on FB. We will also be working on a Twitter account to keep you informed.

We have such beautiful summers here and it’s time for our children to go back to school, from grade school to college. I hope that it’s an easy transition for all of you and keep encouraging our young ones to ‘be a sponge and absorb every lesson’ from their teachers. That includes us, everything that we learn helps us to be better therapists, better mothers and fathers, and stronger individuals.  Continue to advocate for our profession because we make a difference!

Your volunteer board members are hard at work to keep you informed, connected and involved in our community. We work at giving back to our community so if you are able, come join us on community events to spread the healing work that we do. Keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook page. If you have an inquiry, please email me at

Continue the good work that you all do! You are making a difference in someone’s life, one body at a time

Ahui ho,