Your new HI Chapter Delegate!

My name is Neva Tsukiyama. I originate from Canada and have a French, Greek, and Native background.  I love the field of massage and am very passionate about helping others heal through touch. I have a social work background and had been doing hospice work. I saw the impact of therapeutic massage in clients and wanted to keep working in the healing industry. I know that through massage I can keep expanding my knowledge of others living the human experience.  I moved to Hawaii in 2012 and continued massage to graduate from Remington College in 2014. I became a AMTA member, and l love all the online courses and benefits. I currently work at Honolulu Physical Therapy in Honolulu. I am always finding new ways to enhance my massage career.

My personal interests include running marathons and half marathons with my husband. I do kettlebell workout at Ala Moana three times a week and am part of that group that set the Guinness Book group kettlebell World Record 2018.  I also bake part time for a food truck.